Client Solutions

Goldzone Client Solutions

The Goldzone Leadership Curriculum solves the most common challenges of CEOs, leaders, executives, professionals, and high-performance individuals.

Participants discover more effective tools, strategies, and methods using the revolutionary New-Paradigm Leadership Model than the old style/traditional model of dominance, command, and control.  High stress and sacrificing one area of life for another is replaced with health, work/life harmony, and optimum personal performance.

The Curriculum was developed from a holistic view of a person's life, including; relationships, health, career, self-expression, wealth, leadership, and business, and when a problem occurs in one area of life – it impacts all areas.

Leadership Curriculum

Goldzone's foundation curriculum includes four programs ranging from one-day seminars to yearlong Leaders’ Academy.

  • 1-Day Leadership Seminar
  • 3-Day Leadership Experience
  • 7-Day Leadership Week
  • 12-Month Leaders’ Academy

Advanced Graduate Curriculum

For high-performance individuals looking for fast-track solutions in the areas of leadership, business, relationships, health, and wealth.  Includes 23 advanced programs ranging from three-days to weeklong vacation-seminars conducted in some of the world’s most spectacular resorts and retreats.  Email, Zoom, and one-on-one coaching are also available.

Corporate Transformation

Offering a fast-track solution to the most common challenges facing businesses, organizations, teams, and individual performance.  In addition to our public curriculum of programs, organizations can pick-and-choose from a menu of 27 training modules to create a totally customized training curriculum that combines the world’s most advanced personal development modules with professional, communications, and skills development modules.

Consulting and coaching services are available for teams, individuals, and executives to support implementation and performance enhancement.

  • Corporate Reinvention
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Retreats
  • Modular Leadership Curriculum