What Makes Goldzone Different?

What Makes Solutions from Goldzone Different?

Our Exclusive Focus is on New-Paradigm Leadership

Many leadership training and programs merely help to improve the current and entrenched standard leadership styles. You can become better and more efficient at the wrong things – when a new paradigm is required. This is similar to improving the film camera and development process while ignoring the digital camera revolution that took personal photography to an entirely new level – a new paradigm.

At Goldzone, we live, eat, and sleep leadership at every level. From our tea lady to receptionist to CEO – personal responsibility and accountability are inherent in our organizational culture.  And New-Paradigm Leadership involves cooperation, partnership, and teamwork across the board. When team members feel informed, valued, and trusted, personal responsibility and accountability follow, and performance skyrockets.

Permanent Behavioral Change

Goldzone’s programs and services were created from the premise that leadership development is synonymous with personal development – which requires inspiring people to make permanent behavioral changes. Most educational programs identify and talk about the qualities and attributes of good leadership; however, to effect the most permanent behavioral changes requires a fundamental shift in mindset and often closely held beliefs.  An executive/manager’s core beliefs cause behavior to be one way or the other. Change the beliefs, and you have permanent, sustainable behavioral change.

Goldzone has the tools, capability, and experience to support individual people to change beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes – resulting in long-term change and quantifiable performance improvement.

Holistic Premise Includes the Entire Person

A leader’s on-the-job performance is affected by what happens in their personal life.  If there is a problem at home, their work suffers. If they are working unreasonable hours on an ongoing basis, their personal life suffers – which then affects their work!

The premise of Goldzone’s programs is that performance enhancement programs must address the whole person. High stress and sacrificing one area of life for another is replaced with health, work/life harmony, and optimum personal performance.

Goldzone has the ability and the experience to support the leader with any of their work, performance, or personal problems. We have saved many marriages and worked with top professionals to manage and gain control of their finances etc.

Goldzone Program Leaders also work as Goldzone Executive-Directors

We don’t hire professional trainers who only teach the practice and theory of leadership. Our Program Leaders work within the Goldzone Organization in Executive Leadership positions with daily responsibilities, teams, objectives, and resources to manage. Concepts, strategies, and technologies are tested within Goldzone – before they are shared with and implemented in client organizations. Our program leaders are highly trained in both leadership and personal development to a mastery level.

First Class Ongoing Local Support

All coaching, consulting, and training services are provided by local team members who live in Singapore.  This means you are not working with a voice on the end of a phone or a stranger who works from an office on the other side of the world.  We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional standard of service and support that is second to none. Our dedicated, custom-built training and support center in Singapore provides support and services.

Our objective is to partner with our clients for long-term technology transfer.  This means we work to transfer our technologies and solutions to clients so they become self-sufficient as soon as possible.

Goldzone is Constantly Pioneering, Stretching Boundaries, and Taking Risks

We pride ourselves in taking risks, implementing new technologies, and aggressively innovating with computers and telecommunications (every desk has a computer equipped with high-speed internet and personal video conferencing) to improve our ability to respond to clients rapidly and make decisions in nano-second time.

Goldzone invests heavily in advanced staff training and provides leadership development to all staff, including our tea lady!  We see leadership and personal responsibility as everyone’s top priority – regardless of rank, title, or tenure.

Innovative recruitment strategies ensure an abundant flow of highly qualified and talented applicants – allowing us to choose from the very best of the very best.  For example, a recent recruitment campaign for ten positions resulted in over 1,300 applicants in two phases.  Due to the overwhelming number of applicants in phase one, we designed, created, and implemented an internet and database software solution that allows real-time, meaningful evaluations from multiple team members with accessibility 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  This allowed us to process applications electronically, record comments and evaluations, and communicate with applicants in a timely manner to update them on the status of their applications.  We have received many positive comments that even the largest companies don’t always communicate with applicants when they are not successful.

Proprietary Systems, Content, and Tools

Most leaders fail to realize that their organization is a reflection of themselves.  The leader’s personal mindsets, limiting beliefs, stuck paradigms, low expectations, ineffective behaviors, inaccurate perception of self, poor people and communication skills, and ineffective organizational skills translate into a mediocre operation that only achieves a fraction of its true potential.

Transform the leader, and the entire organization will transform!

Based on more than 30 years of extensive international research, development, and exploration, including travel to 54 countries, producing over 700 seminars, and working with more than 100,000 individuals and organizations, we have identified the critical leadership success factors that enable some people to be more successful than others.

It was found that personal power, effectiveness and leadership qualities, competencies, attributes, values, and results can be measured on a scale from low at the bottom to high effectiveness at the top.  After extensive experimentation, the scale was broken into seven categories or zones and graphed across 53 dynamics of leadership, business, career, relationships, self-expression, health, and wealth.

Each Zone has a color; GOLDZONE, BLUEZONE, GREENZONE, YELLOWZONE, ORANGEZONE, REDZONE, and BROWNZONE.  This system was extensively tested and refined and is known today as the Optima Zones of Behavior and Peak Performance and is a proprietary tool available only from Goldzone.

A breakthrough technology is now available to provide a framework, tool, and map for optimizing human performance, relationships, business, and organizations.

Experiential & High-Speed “Zone Learning”

Zone Learning is a teaching technology developed by Goldzone to provide the maximum learning possible. Learning environments are carefully sculpted to include elements from the MTV/video game generation (the leaders of the future are currently in this generation) and to include the whole brain and whole person in the experience.  Participants are engaged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Sessions are dynamic and interactive and include the latest multimedia technology (nightclub quality surround sound, full-size rear projection system) that delivers more information in less time and are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples’ behaviors and results.

Zone Learning Includes:

  • Live images, “real-time” onscreen text, and videos accentuate the key point
  • Carefully selected music to heighten receptivity set the tone, and speed learning
  • Video presentations, case studies, clips, and music videos add color and depth
  • High-impact “real to life” games, movement, group, partner, and individual exercises/simulations add dimension to the learning and ensure complex concepts are easily grasped
  • Presentation styles include; lecture, instruction, discussion, debriefing, and sharing
  • An emphasis on unlearning ensures that new information is received from a clean slate – rather than just adding new information on top of old (that may or may not be accurate.)