About The Goldzone Organization

Established at the beginning of 2000, the Goldzone Organization researches, develops, and produces leading-edge educational programs and services for new-paradigm leaders, organizations, professionals, and high-performance individuals.

Goldzone’s curriculum of programs and services utilizes revolutionary technologies that guarantee an immediate and significant improvement in results.

Based on more than 30 years of extensive international research, development, and exploration, including travel to 54 countries, producing over 700 seminars, and working with more than 100,000 individuals and organizations, we have identified the critical leadership success factors that enable some people to be more successful financially, mentally, emotionally and physically than others.

“We deliver this information – as a system – with the promise of lasting, life-long change.”

Goldzone’s programs and services are delivered via dedicated, custom-built Leadership Training Centers that set a new standard of excellence, integrated technology, aesthetic environment, and “five-star service.”  Each Goldzone Leadership Center includes a “spa-office” reception area, complete with fountains, flowing water, sweeping views, and marble/stonework matched with exquisite woodwork.  The offices utilize custom-contoured European furniture, video conferencing at every desk, wifi, and gigabit networking.  The facility includes meeting rooms, a boardroom, and a high-tech training room.

The Goldzone Organization is expanding worldwide with offices currently in New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Kuala Lumpur, and in 2004 established the first dedicated Leadership Training Center in Singapore.  The organization plans to develop 100 additional centers over the new few years.

Goldzone’s programs are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples’ lives because of our revolutionary technologies and high-performance teaching and coaching methods.  Seminar leaders are charismatic and inspirational and, in most cases, are engaged in executive-director roles within Goldzone (which means they are engaged in leadership roles and are able to communicate real-world experience rather than theory.) They are accomplished, fully qualified, and have mastered the main sustaining principles of the subject being taught.  Participants see, feel, and experientially are “touched” so that the lessons are gained emotionally as well as mentally.

“Our mission is to empower leaders to solve their own problems, to support them to align their behavior with intended results, and to transfer the technology, tools, systems, and knowledge to sustain performance improvements over the long term”

Learning environments are carefully sculpted to include elements from the MTV/video game generation (the leaders of the future are currently in this generation), including music, multimedia, movement, and “real to life” exercises and simulations that deliver more information in less time and are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples’ behaviors and results.

Fun. Entertaining. Fast. Memorable. Leading-edge.